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Home inspections are important when purchasing a new home to ensure that the building is safe for your family. Have you considered how the environment will affect the HEALTH of your family and plumbing fixtures? How the home’s waste will affect the HEALTH of your family and the environment?

At Gatesman Environmental Consulting and Engineering LLC, we have your best interest in mind. We strive to ensure you understand the condition of your drinking water (municipal or well), well system, septic system, and even your wetlands to ensure you understand the health effects to your family, plumbing, and environment.

  • water quality comparison analysis of well vs. tap water
  • well production rate test for quantity and output
  • septic system inspections for functionality and safety
  • wetland delineations for building envelopes
  • environmental consulting

Please see below for more information, including descriptions, pricing, and example report. If you are in need of a septic system design, please visit our Engineering & Septic Design page.



Home Inspection Package:

well production rate tests, water quality comparison analysis, and septic system inspection - PACKAGE includes discounts


This test gives a representation of the current well and pump productivity. There is a visual inspection of the residential well system, well head, pressure tank, internal piping to pressure tank, and cistern, if applicable.  Well tests consist of a two-hour draw-down test to determine production rate. The draw-down test assesses the efficiency of the well pump and the aquifer output in accordance to the documented well permit. There is an optional water quality test for potability (see below). You will receive a detailed, easy to read report that reviews the condition and production rate of the well and pump system.


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Water Analyses include:

Aquifer/Well Output - coliform bacteria and E-coli, pH, alkalinity, chlorine, halides, hardness, total iron, nitrite, nitrate, sulfate, scaling (LSI, PSI, RSI), TDS, corrosive aggressive index

Tap Water (influenced by piping & treatment systems) - alkalinity, chlorine, copper, halides, hardness, total iron, total lead, sulfate, scaling (LSI, PSI, RSI), TDS, corrosive aggressive index

SEPTIC SYSTEM INSPECTIONS (Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems - OWTS)

Septic System Inspections follow the National Association for Wastewater Technician (NAWT) protocols and standards for the USEPA. The absorption field will be visually inspected for system backups and drainage levels. Examination of the treatment tanks and the inlet and outlet baffles will be conducted to determine the condition of system and if there are any cracks, corrosion, or leakage and will rate components as acceptable or unacceptable. Discharge in the waste lines will be observed to determine if they are properly discharging to the approved waste system. You will receive a detailed, easy to read report that reviews the condition and any problems of the septic system including compliance with current codes and regulations. The results of the inspection are summarized in an easy to read report, which provides information about the type and condition of the on-site sewage treatment system and will include any recommendations, if required.

Why should you have your Septic System Inspected?

  • ensure all components per engineered design and permit are installed and properly functioning
  • ensure system is and will function properly
  • maintain effluent quality
  • detection of any concerns
  • compliance with current codes
  • protect private, public, and environmental health

Additional/Specific Assistance:


All - Inspection
ala carte inspection pricing


Wetland Delineations

Ensure your new building is allowing the environment to function naturally by providing recycling and habitat. Ensure your construction is compliant with US Army Corps.

Wetland delineations are required for any building projects if they are near possible wetlands. Ensure that your building envelope is in compliance with the US Army Corps of Engineers. Ensure that your new home is not going to disturb natures natural water cleansing properties and habitat for multiple species for your family to enjoy.

Please contact us for further information, pricing, and scheduling.