Summit County Septic Use Permit Inspections

Summit County Environmental Health Department requires all property resales to conduct and submit a Septic System Inspection Use Permit Report and septic tank pumping report prior to closing of property. Once the inspection report and pumping report are approved, Summit County will grant a Use Permit for the home in order for the real estate closure.

Summit County Requirements & Gatesman Environmental

Gatesman Environmental is certified with Summit County and the National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT) to conduct septic system inspections that is required for Summit County property transfers. Summit County also requires septic tank pumping report AFTER the inspection. An additional company will have to be hired that conducts Certified Septic Pumping Reports for Summit County.

Use Permit Inspection Description

  • standard NAWT inspection
  • operations test of soil treatment area
  • Gatesman Environmental septic system report
  • Summit County Use Permit report

Septic inspections follow the National Association for Wastewater Technician (NAWT) protocols and are conducted by a certified technician. The inspection ensures that your system is functioning properly with minimal risk of failure to damage your home, drinking water, and environment. Examination of the treatment tanks and the inlet and outlet baffles will be conducted to determine the condition of system and if there are any cracks, corrosion, or leakage. The absorption field will be visually inspected for system backups and drainage levels.  The waste lines will be inspected to determine if they are properly discharging to the approved waste system. You will receive a detailed, easy to read report that reviews the condition and any problems of the septic system.

Use Permit Inspection Cost

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