Home Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing designed to help you understand how your water quality is affecting aesthetic issues in your home.

Water quality testing for your Home includes potability, metals, general parameters, and scaling and corrosion indices. The delivered report will include recommendations on how to make your water perfect for both consumption and the health of your plumbing fixtures in your new home.


Water quality analyses are to determine the potability of your water source – both municipal water and well water. Water quality of your aquifer and tap water may be different, therefore, Gatesman Environmental provides and suggests water quality tests of both your aquifer output and tap water to assess effects of home piping and water treatment systems on consumable water. Make sure you know the contaminants in your water such as lead, copper, nitrate, nitrite, coliform bacteria, and more.

Tap water (consumable water) is under the influence of piping and water treatment systems, if installed. Water can corrode piping exposing heavy metals to drinking water. Water treatment systems can fail without your knowledge. A test of 22 parameters can inform you if the drinking water in your home is safe for you and your family. Well/aquifer water may be safe to drink, but after the influence of piping and possible malfunctioned treatment systems, your consumable water changes. Tap water can give you a false sense of safety if there are treatment systems in your home - it is good to determine what the water quality of the aquifer is to make sure the well is not contaminated. Water quality analyses also include 5 corrosion & scaling indices to understand if the water is safe for your plumbing and even house hold plants.

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