The environment is very important to us and our future generations.  Through land management, scientific research, education, and outreach, we can strive to be the best land stewards possible to make this planet better than we found it.


My name is Tiffany Gatesman and I specialize in water chemistry, well & septic inspections, wetland delineations, environmental & storm water management, research, education, and outreach.  I conduct water chemistry analyses on site via a RETEGO© Field Colorimeter and Fluorometer where results are obtained within minutes.

My natural resource experience includes land management, scientific research, high school education, recreation, and agriculture.  I have worked for both County and Federal Governments throughout the country as well as Middle Park High School and local businesses in Grand County.  I obtained my B.S. in Water and Soil Resource Management at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.  I attended the University of Alaska – Fairbanks to study glacier runoff contribution to lowland stream flow for my Masters of Science thesis in Environmental Chemistry.  Previous research included impacts of urban runoff on bioretention basins (rain-garden) and land use impacts on urban-mountain streams in Guatemala.  All of this experience will allow me to assist you in your environmental needs.


If you have any environmental needs that you would like assistance with, please contact me!